Feb 4 Introductory Hand Gun Class

We had more than a full house at our introductory handgun class. Group members met at On Target in Crystal Lake where every selected either a pistol or a revolver from their wide selection.

We met in the classroom to cover all the basics of safety, safety and more safety along with common terms and other helpful information. Instructors led our group through various scenarios, using both pistol and revolver examples.

Some of our more experienced members also shared pistols from their private collections so everyone could achieve a basic comfort level and understanding of firearm safety, range protocol and the mechanics of each weapon. From there, it was off to the range where our group paired up and still took up every lane. The goal was to refresh some more seasoned club members in safety rules while helping novice members gain confidence. These goals were met overwhelmingly when new members proudly showed off their stellar targeting skills and shared wide grins with everyone. Great shooting, everyone!